About us

Looking to take a leap into the future?
Would you like to work with a dynamic team to solve all your post production needs? Inblik is the solution.
Inblik is a decentralized post production house that bundles the best freelancers together and makes them available for your projects.

Decentralized means there is no “main” building so our departments are spread all over Flanders. Every department has their own location, needs and a specialized setup where they can deliver to the highest industry standards. Inblik handles all your content from start to finish and coordinates with all the remote artists by using a smooth central workflow. This ensures your ideas don’t get lost down the line.
In the end, this way of working has proven to be cutting a lot of overhead costs that are not adding value to your product. You want your money to go on the screen and by combining skills, passion and experience… we aim to take your project beyond any initial expectations.

We have a vision area, meeting rooms and grading suites in Brussels and in the beautiful Waasland near Antwerp where we can start the journey to make all your post production dreams a reality.

Core team


founder and general manager
post production producer
post production generalist…


vfx supervisor
digital compositor
3D animator


digital compositor
prep & paint


motion designer
visual effects artist

Our services


We offer a wide range of VFX solutions to really give your project that extra ‘WOW’ factor. We all know ‘no plan is a plan to fail’ that’s why we are on hand to guide you through all your VFX planning.


is one of the most important steps to making any VFX shot work. We give you the best advice to ensure your vision can be created in the most cost effective and creative way.


We make sure all your content is handled with care from the moment it comes from the camera and ends up on the screen. You don’t need to worry about transfers or formats, Inblik has years of experience in the entire offline and online process using the best hardware and precision to make sure your data will not degrade down the line.


A good story, makes or breaks it with the editing. With years of experience editing for film, tv and advertisements we can make sure your story hits all the right beats and connects immediately to your audience. If you prefer working with your own editor of choice we can prepare and handle all the the material, so you only have to focus on the fun stuff.


Our artists have years of experience working from Hollywood blockbusters and high end advertisements to independent short films. Every shot is different but for every problem they will have an answer. If your project needs set extensions, keying, cgi, animation or just cleanup, we will help you find the most cost-efficient way to get results you thought were beyond your reach.


The last important step is giving your project the final look. In our calibrated grading studio we give everything the right tone and atmosphere. We work together with the countries most sought after graders.


When the project is finished Inblik can deliver to any medium you want, from social to DCP. We also have a D-mat license.